Tips to help you redesign your bedroom

For some weird reasons, it always seems like the bedroom is the last place homeowners spend their money on when thinking about a home makeover. Maybe it’s because the bedroom is well stashed away from judging visitors.

The bedroom is where the hand-me-down relics and old college furniture finally wind up. Instead, your bedroom should be a place where you spend your precious time and relax from the pace of the day. It shouldn’t be a place to stock up all unwanted furniture you always vow to get rid of.

Go for a subtle color

Instead of choosing the mainstay primary colors, you’d rather go for soothing shades and an ambient palette of monochromatic tones. Green, a hue of blue, and lavender are considered calm and serene. Correctly toned hues give the right mood for comfort and coziness. Use toned-down selections of your favorite shades in your bedroom. That could mean using mauve in place of eggplant, or pumpkin in place of tangerine.

Choose the right size of furniture

Before you set out for a furniture store, ensure you have an organized floor plan and a measured drawing of your bedroom space. Any piece of furniture should perfectly fit in the desired. Don’t go for a heavy chest of drawers for a small bedroom. For a high ceiling bedroom, choose a tall headboard to visibly bring it down to size.

Create plenty of storage space

To create a cozy and an ambient feel in your bedroom, you’ll need to store somethings out of sight. The bedroom will appear roomier and calmer. Choose a spacious bedside table with drawers where you can keep books, reading glasses, and lotion within reach but well out of sight. For even more storage space, choose a skirted table or a minimalist dressing unit with drawers. A storage bench at the foot of your bed to store extra bedding will also come in handy to offer extra space.

Change your bedding and throw pillows

The bed is the main focal point in your bedroom. Therefore, changing your duvet or throw pillows can be an effective small change to make. Choosing bedding in a color completely different from what you have currently will make a huge impact.

Don’t overdo it. Small changes to your bedroom layout can make a huge impact if you focus on what is important. Choosing bedroom furniture that fits perfectly in the available space will make your bedroom feel cozier and roomier.

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