Transform Your Living Space with Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is simply the art of positioning things mindfully in homes, gardens, and office spaces. Doing so, allows the flow of pure and positive energies (Chi).

Feng Shui not only adds to a home’s aesthetic but also impacts relationships, success, education, health, and career.

Here are a few easy tips that can be easily incorporated:


Before investing in new decor and design elements, it’s a good idea to first get rid of all the things you don’t need, but have stashed away in closets and cupboards. A crowded space blocks new restorative energies. Your work desk too should be clear of entangled cables, disorganized piles of paper, and used coffee mugs. Make sure to neatly arrange your desk when the day has ended.

Create the illusion of height

Feng Shui’s principles encourage the use of vertical designs as they represent growth and expansion. You could place tall lamp stands in your living room, or integrate lighting that throws light upwards. A vertical floor-to-ceiling book shelf is a great idea, as is a tall plant at the corner of the room.

Position your furniture correctly

Always arrange furniture to face entryways as that puts you in a position of power, and decreased vulnerability. Your bed, sofa, and even work station should face the door so that you know what’s going on at all times.

Entryways and doors

The space near the entrance door should be clutter-free as this is where energy enters the home. Organize it by installing shoes racks, and hooks for rain-wear and coats. If possible, paint the walls around the doorway in light, airy colors. Plants, artistic photographs, or artworks will add to the elegance of your entrance.

Frequently used pathways

Corridors and passages that connect rooms should be free of anything that could trip you – cables, stools, racks, or even furniture that juts out. Rearrange these to facilitate smooth movement through the house.

Water, Plants, and other Design Elements

You may not have room for fountains, but you could keep pictures of fish and marine life, or even place plants in large glass jars of water to bring freshness and serenity to your living space. Furniture that faces each other facilitates conversation, and the flow of energy. Wind chimes add a beautiful touch to the home too.

Your home is now Feng Shui ready.

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